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Hi there. We are getting ready to leave Nara, where we have been for the past three days. It’s great here at Yougendo, where we have been staying. Seriously awesomesauce.

On our second day, we spontaneously decided to visit Hiroshima, which is only about three hours away by bullet train. Hopefully that section of photos is depressing, since I was thoroughly effected by the peace monument and museum there. I couldn’t really even bring myself to take that many photos, and only one in the museum. Definitely not a good time to be American, not that anyone was mean or anything, just that Corlee and I felt a bit of sideways guilt for our country.

But, we are very glad we went, and are, in all cases, still having a great time. And we haven’t killed each other yet.

This laptop is burning me.

At Horyuji temple, in Nara. It was rainy so we didn’t stay long.

More pics after the Jump!


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