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Sorry, I haven’t posted pictures in a while. We are getting ready to leave to get on the plane for 21 hours or so in order to come back to the United States. No more heavy bags, crazy subways, or insane amounts of walking. However, I don’t need to list the number of things we’ll miss. This blog would explode.

Anyway, here are the pictures I have to put up. From Osaka & Kyoto. See you soon!

Our room at Yougendo, in Nara. That place was pretty awesome.

More pics after the Jump!


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Hi there. We are getting ready to leave Nara, where we have been for the past three days. It’s great here at Yougendo, where we have been staying. Seriously awesomesauce.

On our second day, we spontaneously decided to visit Hiroshima, which is only about three hours away by bullet train. Hopefully that section of photos is depressing, since I was thoroughly effected by the peace monument and museum there. I couldn’t really even bring myself to take that many photos, and only one in the museum. Definitely not a good time to be American, not that anyone was mean or anything, just that Corlee and I felt a bit of sideways guilt for our country.

But, we are very glad we went, and are, in all cases, still having a great time. And we haven’t killed each other yet.

This laptop is burning me.

At Horyuji temple, in Nara. It was rainy so we didn’t stay long.

More pics after the Jump!

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I guess it’s about 8am here, and we have learned to stay in our hotel until just before we check out, or else we will get stuck waiting (with our luggage) until we can check in to our next hotel. So I figured I could come on here and post more pictures, since we were out quite late last night, partying in Kyoto, which rocks.

Enjoy these.

mister donut
We have some kind of mystic connection with Mister Donut. No joke. Great place. (Corlee took this)

More pics after the Jump!

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Well, I hope you all are doin’ well. We’re pretty cool over here on the other side of the world.

Both Corlee and I are very sore from all the walking and subway-riding, and luggage-carrying-while-walking-and-riding-the-subway that we have done so far. And, it took us three days, but we finally realized just how much it costs to ride the fun, confusing, infuriating subway. And, by cost, I don’t mean in stress, I mean subway fare is 160 – 310 yen per each one way trip, per person.

But, otherwise, yes. We are having a good time. Of course we are: we’re in Japan!

Anyway, here are some photos of the trip so far. Sorry about the sudden overload.

You know, these are a lot heavier than they looked on my bed that night…

More pics after the Jump!

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Here I am at work. With some visitors.


Seriously, we are going to Japan in three days, and will be together for two straight weeks.

She just can’t get enough of me.

Or of Baby Looney Tunes. Which is what she and Shelby are watching right now.

Dude, it’s hot.

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